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Basically, he knows his stuff. Whether you want to record massive trailer-style bass hits or Burial-style dubstep atmospheres and shell-casing percussion, this will help. The book also goes over essentials like explaining the nature of sound waves and frequency, amplitube and decibels; acoustic treatment for your studio, sound editing and archiving your sounds and samples.

Recommended: Buy it now on Amazon. Author: Samuel Adler pages; Publisher: W. If you want to learn how to use your orchestral sample libraries properly let alone write for actual orchestras , this is one of the most useful resources you can find. This is the best book that focuses on the fundamentals of actually choosing microphones, physically sticking them in front of instruments and recording them for the best possible sound, at source. A brilliant reference guide from a real pro. But as well as putting out interesting and groundbreaking music, Eno likes to analyse and discuss his work, influences and methods on a philosophical level.

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John Cage makes Brian Eno look like a straight-laced conservative. Very difficult to describe how inspiring this book is, and how broad an education it is. Essential reading for anyone who appreciates a good pad sound as much as the glory-stealing lead parts. Excellent list of books! I am an aspiring producer and am always looking to learn and get inspired. That was a fantastic book because it really was able to explain all of aspects of music, some abstract, some literall to someone who has very little knowledge of music theory.

I was in a really crumby mood earlier after being at work and being a bit burnt out on my attempts of making music.

The Business of Audio Engineering Second Edition Music Pro Guides

That Eno website with the little quotes is wonderful! I already am excited to make something new! Ahh happy about being excited about making music once again. Thanks so much for this list! I grabbed 4 books off your list using your amazon link! Do you have any suggestions of books or any other media that might help out a teenager who thinks he wants to get into the business of music production?

However, I do think that any book is of limited use until your son has actually got his hands on some of the tools producers use, in some capacity, and had a play around. Sir , i am from Bangladesh. How get i this book in our country with bangla language? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign up to our newsletter! Facebook Twitter RSS. August 30, 0. Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science.

We all know to achieve anything in our lives we have to work hard but not only hard work guarantee you with the success. Stephen R. Covey talks about the power of habits and how by having certain habits in our every day tasks we can and will achieve our goals. This is world best seller for many many years. A must read. Business of Audio Engineering. In his book he talks about the business of audio engineering, how to get yourself ready for future employers, how to find your own way of earning money and many very helpfull business advices for every audio engineer.

Well recommended.

The Business of Audio Engineering: Music Pro Guides

Eat That Frog! Brain Tracy share tips on how to fight against procrastination and get things done. Strategys on how to stay focused and get the important things done. They also sharing a bunch of usefull tips for anyone wanting to start thei own You Tube channel and make it in the audio engineering industry.

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Think and Grow Rich. This all time classic by Napolen Hill published in is as powerful today and can change your life forever.

How to think big, how to be smart with your time and money, how to be at your best all the time. Want to achieve your dreams?


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Read this book. Mixing Audio Second Edition. This is one of the most in depth book about mixing available on the market. Roey has great knowledge on how to apply those processes to the mix and get the great results. A must have for every mix engineer. Music 4. We are living in completely new era for music industry.

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  5. Internet changed everything from how we record music, how we collaborate to how we actually earn money making music. This book by industry specialist Bobby Owsinski wll take you through many interesting topics like management, distribution, publishing, monetizing and many many more.

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