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Part 8 Excitation hot-electron spectroscopy of quantum wells: thermal excitation; optical excitation. Part 9 Transport properties of multiple quantum well structures: perturbation approach to tunnelling; sequential tunnelling; thermionic emission; thermally assisted tunnelling; tunnelling in the presence of a magnetic field. Part 13 Multi-colour infrared detection: strongly-coupled asymmetric quantum wells; photoexcited coherent tunnelling; voltage tunable multi-colour QWIPs; voltage tunable multi-colour IHETs.

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Part 13 Performance assessment of quantum well infrared photodetectors: an assessment of the conventional technologies; an assessment of the quantum well technology. Du kanske gillar. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar.

In the past, infrared imaging has been used exclusively for military applications. In fact, it can also be useful in a wide range of scientific and commercial applications. However, its wide spread use was impeded by the scarcity of the imaging systems and its high cost. Recently, there is an emerging infrared technology based on quantum well intersubband transition in III-V compound semiconductors. Buy this article in print.


Highly efficient metallic optical incouplers for quantum well infrared photodetectors

Journal RSS feed. Sign up for new issue notifications. The author presents a detailed study of a wide variety of quantum well infrared photodetectors, which were chosen to have large differences in their optical and transport properties.

Intersubband transitions based on photoexcitation from bound-to-bound, bound-to-quasicontinuum and bound-to-continuum quantum well states were investigated. The measurements and theoretical analysis included optical absorption, responsivity, dark current, current noise, optical gain, hot-carrier mean free path, net quantum efficiency, quantum well escape probability, quantum well escape time, as well as detectivity.

Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors: Physics and Applications

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