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Knowledge as a resource in regional development

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Regional innovation policy; technology policies or regional policies. Six countries programme. Boeckhout, I. Broadbent, A. New technology in older industrialised regions. Colombo, U. The European community and innovation. Cuadrado, J. A case study in technological development and regional growth.

Individual animal health applicator - Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

European Community. The European community's research policy.

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Brussels: ECD 5. The regions of Europe, first periodic report on the social and economic situation in the regions of the Community. Ellwein, T. Innovationsorientierte regional-politik. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag. Ewers, H.

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  • Innovation oriented regional policy. Regional Studies — Godet, N. The old world and the new technologies. Brussels: Series European Perspectives Commission.

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    Hanappe, P. Trois scenarios normatifs pour l'Europe. Hagerstrand, T. Innovation diffusion as a spatial process. Haselen, H. Regional labour-market balances in Europe, a prospective analysis.

    Rotterdam: NEI. Hirsch, S.

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    Make Sense of the world

    Location of industry and international competitiveness. International Institute of Management. The mobilization of the indigenous potential. The programs below help small businesses and entrepreneurs successfully deploy LANL technology and expertise to improve their product or business. They support companies in every stage of development through access to technology, technical assistance or investment and help strengthen the high tech ecosystem in New Mexico. At no cost to the business, small businesses with a technical challenge can seek assistance from lab scientists or engineers for projects that require testing, design consultation and access to special equipment or facilities.

    Partner Feature: Tibbar Plasma Technologies.

    Co-hosted by FCI and the New Mexico Angels, the goal of DisrupTech is to introduce the latest groundbreaking technology from Los Alamos and their inventors to entrepreneurs, investors, regional leaders, policy makers, and industrial partners.